Cache CS:GO map overview

The most undervalued map in map pool Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is Cache. Perhaps the reason for such insignificant popularity is history, namely the recent appearance of the map. Cache came out only with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In the early parts of the famous series, the map was not presented. One of the main features of the map is the history of its creation. The point is that the map was developed not by Valve, but by third-party developers. The map is being developed at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The entourage itself takes the players to Pripyat. After the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, half-destroyed power units left hiding places with weapons. They are the main target for terrorists.

The map has been processed. Thus, Cache has undergone a global texture reprocessing. Now the map is even more like the abandoned wastelands of Pripyat due to the large amount of vegetation. Changes have also touched the connector, where the protection side added an additional window to control the middle. 

Due to its compactness and balanced timings, the map is considered equal for both sides. Because of its size to learn to play on it is quite simple, and the key points on not so much. So, let’s get acquainted with the map, which appeared in the map pool Counter-Strike not so long ago. Also worth noting is the opportunity to make the game more exciting, which you can learn more about here.

The tactics of the defending side

The strategy of positioning the defense side on Cache is more similar to positioning players on Dust 2:

  • Two players run to point A.
  • One player controls the mussel through a connector.
  • The remaining two players run on the defense side B.

For a better understanding of the defense strategy, it’s worth getting to know the roles of each player in the SWAT team.

Role of the main sniper

Classic Buy-Round implies the presence of a sniper on the defending side. AWP occupies a position in the connector or on a white box, controlling the terrorists’ protrusion through the center of the map. At any vector of attack of terrorists, the player with AWP can quickly insure the teammates through short (if the attack moves to point A), or after nine.

Winning off the receiving A

When accepting point A, the Special Forces also take waiting positions: one of them may be located on a forklift truck or a balcony, and the other – on a default or three, first noticing the exit through the main. The middle position will also play an important role in defense of point A and will be able to prevent an intrusion in two directions simultaneously. In this variant, the main sniper may take a position not only in the connector, but also on the white box. At a serious offensive, the entire defense of point A is rebuilt into a plant, and the player with AWP remains on the zigzag, controlling the terrorist attack. At this point, the players from point b are already performing a hauling. It is desirable that one player walks through the terrorist base, pressing the main, and the second player insures the teammates through the car.

Defending point B

Defending the Battlefield implies taking deep positions while waiting for the attacking side. One player can take up a vent position, controlling the attacking side through the toxic. The player at the bookmark point can throw the flashbang on the toxic through the window, and another player under the flashbang check corridor. Then you should throw the smoke on the passage from the corridor, leaving your position.

If you enjoy the game and want to make it more diverse, you can take a closer look at this site.