How to make money on Instagram

The question of earning on Instagram worries many people, and now we will reveal all the cards. If you decided to buy instagram followers, improved your account and made it popular, now you will have a desire to bring it to a stable income. So, how can you earn on Instagram and finally monetize your blog.

  • Selling services or goods. Sooner or later, successfully developing a personal blog, you come to the point of realizing your business potential. So, you can become a food blogger and eventually open your own cafe or restaurant, or you can constantly compose cool images of non-banal items, and afterwards sew your collection.
  • Advertising. Advertising is one of the most popular methods of how to make money on social media. You take a product that you are willing to recommend to your subscribers, make a post or story with it, and then you get an honestly earned dividend.
  • Selling ready-made solutions or knowledge. For example, you can become a personal stylist to help you put together your basic closet. Good photographers can sell their photo processing presets, and authors can sell online copywriting courses. The main thing is talent – and there’s always a method to monetize it.
  • Affiliate programs. Collaborating with brands and services on affiliate programs is another way to make money on Instagram. Today, almost every company offers cooperation on an affiliate program. Earnings depend on hitting the target audience, the value of the product and the generosity of the client.

Tips for becoming a successful Instagram blogger

Basic skills you have, the basics you also comprehended, it remains for a small thing – to add to your piggy bank a couple of valuable tips that will help you become popular faster.

  • Tag people, brands, and brands of anything in the photo. This will kill two birds with one stone. First, your photo will be on another platform with a large audience, and secondly, you’ll probably get noticed by advertisers themselves and offer cooperation.
  • Connect with your audience. Constantly respond to comments, engage in dialogue, pay attention to direct mail correspondence, and do not be afraid to get banned for abusive behavior – this is a personal hygiene of your profile, which is recommended to perform daily.
  • Actively use stories. As statistics show, views and reactions from users to stories are much more vivid than to posts. 
  • Hold contests. Note, not a giveaway, but contests. Interesting conditions and good gifts mean a high level of involvement and increase of conversion.

How to avoid mistakes

In fact, there are many pitfalls that can hinder your popularity on the social network. We have collected the top of the most frequent mistakes of beginners and not only, so that you make conclusions.

  • Insincerity. Believe me, insincerity can always be felt. It slips into your posts, causes irritation and provokes rudeness from your subscribers. Be yourself – the other roles are already taken.
  • Exceeding limits. Instagram is constantly setting and changing certain limits on likes, subscriptions, unsubscribes and comments – so you need to monitor these restrictions and strictly comply with them.
  • Participation in giveaway. Recently, it is also an ineffective method of promotion, which has outlived its usefulness.

But perhaps the main secret of success of your personal blog should be your individuality, sincerity, honesty and unlike others, which will open the door to success. If you are just starting your journey as a blogger, you can buy instagram followers cheap $1. This will help you get your first subscribers and generate interest in your account. Next, you can focus on creating professional content and targeting ads.