What is Counter-Strike

Cyber sport is gaining momentum around the world as well. Rumors that, eventually, cybersports will become part of the Olympics program no longer seem like a silly joke. The world will be paying more and more attention to cybersports as well. Counter-Strike – a multiplayer game in the genre of team “first-person shooter” – the player perceives the world through the eyes of his character, and the main emphasis is on military action with weapons.

Counter-Strike appeared in the early 2000s, being created on the game “engine” popular single-player game Half-Life, since then has been released several versions, which made significant changes in the rules, process, appearance of the game.

The story is based on the confrontation between two sides – terrorists and policemen, who are called “counter-terrorists” in the game. Teams take turns playing for both. The main difference is that one of the terrorists has a C4 bomb, which it is advisable to place on certain places on the game map. Accordingly, the “counter-terrorists” defend these places. Tactics, both individual and team (distribution of weapons and player responsibilities, collective attack or defense of territory) play a critical role. There are also many additional resources, such as csgo.net.


The game uses many well-known types of firearms – from various pistols, machine guns and rifles to shotguns, machine guns and, of course, sniper rifles with the ability to use telescopic sights. Weapons differ in killing power, rate of fire and price. Some weapons are more popular among players than others. If a player dies in a round, the weapon must be bought again. Those who survive save the weapon for the next round. Weapons can be picked up from the body of a killed comrade or enemy, as well as passed on to a partner.

There are restrictions on the number of weapons. You can only carry one type of gun and one type of main weapon. You can also buy combat, blinding and smoke grenades, body armor and helmets (they allow you to last longer after being hit).

How to earn game money

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In the very first round for each side, players on both teams have $800 each, a pistol, and a knife, which is always the default. The minimum cost for any weapon, except the standard pistol, is from $900. Most of the key actions in the game earn each cyber athlete virtual money, which can be used to buy weapons. It pays to plant and detonate bombs, win rounds, and kill an opponent. In addition, the game also pays for rounds lost, so that there is not too big a gap between the team that leads in the score and the team that loses. There is a penalty (minus $300) for killing a teammate.

Among the players are valued spectacular kills – because of the instant reaction, several in a row (and especially if the player was left alone against a group of opponents), in difficult game situations, through walls and doors. The headshot deserves special mention. Stabbing your opponent with a knife is considered to be the height of humiliation. There are also many items to help diversify the gameplay. You can get them here https://csgo.net/.